You stand tall when you are a ‘nobody’

Majority of people carry the weight of being somebody on their shoulders. That somebody could be a good son, good brother, good husband, good father, good sales professional, good manager etc.

To be a good sales professional you need to bring in x amount of business every month. To be a good father your children should turn out to be good citizens. So the word good is linked to the result which would not be in one`s control. If we take responsibility for something which is not in our control, that will add weight on our shoulders.

A sales professional should focus on the efforts that he puts in rather than the results. If a sales person has a monthly target of a million dollar, to be a good sales person you should exceed the target. If you believe you are a good sales person then you are carrying the weight of million dollars on your shoulders, till you achieve it. On the other hand, if you want to stand tall you should break down the calls required to achieve the target and focus on achieving the required calls on a daily basis. This will take the burden off your shoulders.

We shouldn’t carry the weight of being somebody on our shoulders. Be comfortable in our own skin with knowledge that we are a ‘nobody’, and have no control over the outcome of any situation. At the same time, put in our absolute best, which is in our control. If we do our best, work/ play for our self, and enjoy what we do, we will receive what’s best for us.

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