“I stand tall because I am a nobody” is the essence of the author’s life. He has learnt not to carry the weight of being a son, a husband, a father, an employee, an entrepreneur or for that matter anything at all on his shoulders.

He strongly believes in the power of effort, which reflects his outlook and thinking but he realizes that nothing is in his control. His definition of success is the realization that you are a ‘nobody’. In the big picture one is a mere pawn, making the moves based on the circumstances, be it success or failure.

His thinking is shaped by the way people from around the world deal with daily situations in life. His experiences have come from being receptive to the flavors of different cultures. He believes in minimalistic living and has designed his life to do more with less.

His identity doesn’t make a difference, because it’s the content that matters. He doesn’t accept things at its face value unless a reasonable answer for his ‘why’ is received, which perhaps is a third perspective.