Is Corona virus testing a scam?

Yes. Corona virus testing is the biggest scam of the millennium!

Three reasons for the argument:

1. The countries with most number of corona deaths have highest number of tests per million.

2. Corona virus can remain in your blood stream undetected for 14 days (that’s why supposedly, one is asked to remain in a 14 day quarantine). Therefore, anybody who tests negative can turn positive the very next minute. So, unless and until somebody is kept isolated and continuously tested for 14 days, there is no certainty that the person would actually be negative.

3. Since majority of the new infections are due to community spread, the practice of contact tracing has lost its relevance. Otherwise, it is too late to shut the stable door as the horses have left the barn.

Considering all the above reasons, testing should only be used for diagnostic purposes as it is done normally when you show symptoms of a disease.

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